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On March 25, 2009, Omegle video chat changed the world of Internet communication forever. It was the first web service in history that let you meet and talk with completely random strangers via video call. Only a single month after launch, Omegle was already receiving 150,000 visits a day.

Omegle isn’t perfect though, and every user knows why. For a start you can’t specify the gender of the users you’d like to chat with. This is important to many people, which is why we’ve decided to change the game!

Our chat gives you what Omegle has never offered – the ability to chat only with girls and only with verified accounts!

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Omegle alternative video chat
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The new generation of web cam chat

In developing our alternative to Omegle video chat, we’ve put user experience and security first. Here are just some of the benefits:

We guarantee full anonymity and privacy.

We use sophisticated moderation, 24/7, which means no banned material, lewdness, or other negative content.

We guarantee full anonymity and privacy.

We use sophisticated moderation, 24/7, which means no banned material, lewdness, or other negative content.

Quality tech support is one of our team's main priorities. We respond to all complaints in a timely manner and review them individually. If a user violates our rules of the service, their account gets blocked.

We appreciate your trust and do our best to live up to it, which makes us different from other Omegle-type sites. What's more, we promise to carry on improving – for you!

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Convenient communication formats

Internet users were quick to see the value of video chat. Now, the 'roulettes' are booming again. These days there’s even less time and far fewer opportunities for real-life conversation. However the urge to broaden your network and find more interesting people to chat to is as strong as ever.

We’re sure you’ll appreciate the work we’ve done and the opportunities our site already provides:

Premium access

To provide you with as many features as possible for pleasant and engaging chat, we offer paid Premium access. No limits and priority connections with girls, as well as additional settings and tools!

Free trial

Want to try it out but not ready to buy Premium yet? No problem! We’re offering a free trial to all new members right now to test out all the PRO features. Give it a try and then decide if you’re ready to pay a low price to get the very best out of our video chat. We are sure you’ll like it!

Random chat

Last but not least, competition among anonymous video chat services is a great thing. That's why you always have a choice – and why we always strive to become even better. There are lots of exciting updates, features and opportunities in your future - we’re working on them right now! This means you’ve got many treats to look forward to.

Keep in touch with people thanks to our anonymous video chat. Expand your horizons and find like-minded people all over the planet from the comfort of your cosiest chair. We’re making communication as convenient and available as possible, for everyone. The more chat, the better!

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Meet New People Around the World

Millions of users around the world are already using our app. You’re just one click away from chatting with a fascinating stranger or a cute girl. Start right now!

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